Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I send an item through SKY express?

A: SKY express can be performed through in legal countries three ways:

Calling SKY customer service department

Ordering personally

Ordering registration on the SKY company official website


Q: What is the difference between actual weight and density (volumetric mass density)?

A: Large lightweight packages are priced at their density. For example, when the space occupancy of a package is greater than its weight, the volume of the item is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height and then dividing to 5000. all calculated in centimeters

The formula for calculating density is as follows:

Density = (Length (cm) * Width (cm) * Elevation (cm))/5000


Q: How do I know my shipment’s location?

A: Each package has a shipping number (track number) provided by the company; using this number, customers can be informed of their shipping location through SKY official website or by contacting company’s customer service unit.


Q: How do I delete the shipping request that I've registered?

A: You should contact the customer service department in order to cancel the application.


Q: Does changing the destination, after leaving the shipment from the origin feasible?

A: Yes, it's possible to change the address just before shipment leaves the country, which may include a separate fee (For more information, please contact SKY customer service department).



Q: My package is supposed to be in the destination but not, what should I do?

A: Please contact SKY customer service unit in such cases.



Q: What is the tracking number?

A: The tracking number of a shipment is a 10-digit number that is indicated on the bill, issued by the company at the time of receiving the shipment from the sender to the customer.


Q: Why does my package status not change?

A: Please contact SKY customer service unit in case of any problems with the shipment situation.



Q: What can I do in case of missing or forgetting the tracking number?

A: Please contact SKY customer service unit in such cases.



Q: Why my shipment sending process is not started, yet?

A: SKY will be sent all the shipments at the end of even days if there is no legal problem with the shipment


Q: What documents are needed in order to export a shipment?

A: Please refer to Downloads.



Q: why my receiver requested to pay at the time of delivery, while I paid at the destination?


A: Whether a shipment is a gift or not, it must still go through an import procedure as determined by custom’s law in the destination country. The shipment is cleared through customs based on the origin country, the value and quantity, but not its purpose. Dutiable shipments are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders.


Q: What is International Express?

A: The SKY International Express service allows you to ship time-sensitive parcel(s) or document(s) weighing below 70 kilograms or dimension of 120 cm to any location worldwide using the fastest available means.


Q: How to check my shipment is ODA (out of delivery area)

A: Please contact SKY customer service unit in such cases.


Q: I don’t live in Tehran how can I send my shipment?

A: you may send your shipment by any means to reach Tehran and inform our staff your shipment number. After reaching our office customer service unit will contact you for further process.


Q: I was to return my shipment.

A: Sky express do not guaranty the return and all charges will be charge to shipper. Destroy or sizing the shipments are depending on destination custom. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that prior sending your shipment discuss with your receiver.


Q: I want to send a shipment to a POBOX

A: at the moment sky service do not support POBox deliveries so please ask your receiver for full street address with contact number and full name.


Q: how long it takes to shipment to be deliver?

A: Please contact SKY customer service unit



Q: what is warehouse charge?

A: if your shipment does not collect after 10 days, warehouse charge is applicable.


Q: what is packing charge?

A: when your shipment need special package, this will charge including freight charges.


Q: I do not know my shipment value.

A: any shipment excluding documents must be sent with declared value and cannot be without value.



Q: How do I make a loss/damage claim for a DHL shipment that failed to arrive, or was damaged?

A: If your shipment failed to arrive, it is important that you contact customer service with an accurate description of the goods and their packaging as soon as possible. Our “found shipment centers” hold on to items that were not properly addressed or that became detached from their packaging.

Please note that damage to goods in transit is frequently the result of inadequate packaging


Q: my shipment weight/dimension exceeds 70kg/120 cm.

A: Call costumer service unit for further information.


Q: Our company would like to begin exporting products to several countries. We have no previous experience of this, can Sky advise us?

Absolutely! DHL has unrivalled experience of international shipping. Please contact Sky Sales to discuss your needs.


Q: Do you always get a signature at the delivery address?

A: Yes. Usually all deliveries will be required to have a signature at the destination. This will be obtained as Proof of Delivery (POD). in some cases, verbal POD will be obtaining from cnee as per shipper request.


Q: Is there a limit to what you can transport?

A: We are able to deliver most standard and common packages, but there are some prohibited items we cannot, for example DG chemicals, liquids hazards etc which requires specialist transfer. High value metals and antiques are included.


Q: How do I contact you after working hours?

You can reach us by E-Mail under or leave a text via telegram +98 901 760 3492


Q: Can my package get lost?

A: No. Your delivery starts and ends in the dedicated vehicle, unless we specify otherwise. A signature is collected at the point of delivery to verify the safe delivery.



Q: My shipment is on hold in custom.

A: held in custom is possible in destination prior to delivery. The held time does not consider as transit time.


Q: Will my parcel be opened for inspection?

A: yes. In its way to destination any custom will be inspected. And may be opened if necessary.


Q: Is my consignment covered by insurance?

A: there’s no insurance charge will be add to your freight charges.


Q: I cannot track my shipment on the website.

A: use google chrome browser and English keyboard